Introducing The Problems Of The American School System Essay

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Introducing the Problems Our modern educational system creates an environment that does not allow students to fully obtain their full academic potential. The system is creating an unequal playing field for people in the lower class. Also, students struggle in the future when they have classes that are primarily based around test-taking that benefit the school more than the students. These problems need to be addressed in order to produce more prepared graduates that are actually excited to go to school and learn what they really want to. The American school system is very disturbed by these problems because it compromises the success of the students’ futures. In conclusion, major issues affecting students the most include segregation, test scores, and boredom in the classroom. The three articles that I chose in Rereading America cover these topics in great detail that allow the reader to become more aware of these issues that we face everyday but we may overlook. I chose these articles and this topic because it is very prevalent in my life as I am a student. These issues are very important for everyone currently in the system. High school students are specifically affected because that is where racism and test scores are the most relevant; they need to be informed on how their daily school life is being impaired.

Spotlighting The Issues Racism is a very prevalent problem in the education system. When I say racism, I don’t necessarily mean children bullying one

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