Introduction . Addiction Is An Incontrollable Need For

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Introduction Addiction is an incontrollable need for a substance. When someone is addicted, the feeling of being hooked to a substance makes you psychologically believe you cannot go without that substance. These addictions are not only hurting the person doing the substance, but it can tare families apart. Opiate addiction is a disease that is looked down upon by society. If substance users to not get the treatment they need, they will continue to do everything in their power to get ahold of the opiate drug of their choice. This could lead to stealing from people they know or family and friends and lead to hurting people, including loved ones. The use of opiates has been on the rise. Many studies have been done to close in on the cause…show more content…
E.,2015). Research shows the following states have the greatest number of opioid users: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California. In these states, more men use than the women. Heroin is the most known opiate drugs, but of course is not the only opiate used and abused. People throughout the United States are abused prescription drugs or prescription narcotic analgesics. “Concepts of Chemical Dependency” show “An estimated 33 million people are thought to have used a narcotic analgesic not prescribed to them at some point in their lives, and 5 million are thought to have done so in just the past year” (Doweiko, H. E.,2015). Epidemic of Opiate Addiction The problem with the epidemic of opiate addiction is that addiction was referred to as being “weak” and was never fully addressed till later on in the 20th century. Research shows that heroin and prescription drugs were on the rise in the 1990’s. In the article” The Opiate Pain Reliever Epidemic among U.S. Arrestees 2000–2010: Regional and Demographic Variations”, written by Andrew Golub and Luther Elliott, explains “Ethnographic research has indicated that the incubation phases for recent drug epidemics have been associated with specific contexts involving Opiate Pain Reliever Epidemic among U.S. Arrestees 3 social gatherings, music, and fashion. For example, the Heroin Injection Epidemic originated in the jazz music scene”
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