Introduction:. “All The World’S A Stage” – Shakespeare

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Introduction: “All the world’s a stage” – Shakespeare (Olsson, 2010) seemed wise enough to know how the world functioned, even in those days. Nothing seems to have changed today, however. Despite all the technological advancements in the world, and various views on social skills and the development of “soft skills” (Heckman & Kautz, 2012), there is a constant inflow of people and situations within which social norms require us to present different versions of ourselves – what in this paper we shall call “masks” or “personas.” This paper will provide examples from old plays and stories in order to keep it more contemporary – even use pop culture as a reference, so as to create a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of how social…show more content…
The “Presentation of self in Everyday Life” was written by Goffman (1978) is a socio-behavioural investigatory piece, in which he uses “dramaturgy,” the theory that all social life is like a drama or play, wherein everyone plays a role (Martin, 2010). Goffman uses the imagery of the theatre in order to portray the importance of human social interaction. In the presentation of self, individuals can form conceptions of identity which is a central problem. This essay thus seeks to demonstrate how individuals put on various mask in different social environment and how these masks represent conception we have formed of ourselves in such a way. Discussion: Firstly, in this section, the study will communicate various aspects of the way social personas work, as compared to each individual self and how they can cause a blurring of the definitions, as one begins to affect the other. Secondly, the consequences of these situations will be discuss, as well as to offer certain pop culture references and other examples of these occurrences in a manner that allows the reader to understand the true depth of the situation, and assess it for themselves, in their own context. Lastly, the next few sections will investigate why personas in society are necessary, and attempt to imagine a world without such social constructs, where everyone can precisely be what they want to be, with no discouragement or expectations from society with regards to their choices in
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