Introduction And Choosing Social Work Research Paper

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Introduction and Choosing Social Work In this paper, I will be discussing my personal and family values as well as my self-awareness and how it impacts my social work practice. It was during my sophomore year of high school when I decided that I wanted to enter the social work profession. Initially I wanted to be a lawyer, but when I job shadowed a lawyer I realized it was not the career for me. I always knew that in whatever field of work I was going to pick I wanted to make a difference in this world. When I decided on social work it was kind of like a slap to the face as to why I never thought of it before. I say this because my mother is a social worker and has been a social worker before I was even born. My mom currently works as a …show more content…

In the class I was taking it was primarily about immigration, and in that class I discovered that I fall under a group known as second-generation immigrants. The reason I am in this group is because both of my parents were born in a different country, while I was born in the United States. Growing up I always thought that it was common having your parents born outside of the United States, but it wasn’t until I took this class that I discovered that in fact second-generation immigrants are actually not that common as I had once thought. When I first found this out it actually made me feel like an outsider a little bit, but after sitting with the information for a bit I began to accept who I am and started to feel special about being part of this group and proud of it. That being said, now that I became aware that I am part of this group it was not easy especially with the presidential election happening around that time. Being a second-generation immigrant to me meant that I am proud to be called the child of a first-generation immigrant, but with all the negativity going on towards them it made it difficult for me. Even though both of my parents are now U.S. citizens I still have many family members who are not U.S. citizens here in the United States and it was difficult for my family when President Trump won the election. A lot of my family members were worried about what could happen and I realized how there are many other people here in the U.S. who do not even feel that sense of always looking over your shoulder and wondering if today will be the last time you see one of your family

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