Introduction. As A Child, I Always Dreamt Of Joining Law

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Introduction As a child, I always dreamt of joining law enforcement. My dad peaked my interest in the field. Years ago, he was a Correctional officer for the Weld County Sheriff’s office; I always admired him for what he did. I knew right then, that is exactly what I wanted to do. My perception of law enforcement was based on what I saw on television, from C.S.I to Criminal Minds and Cold Case. I thought the agencies functioned as a set team. A team who worked together to solve the case. How they functioned was by having a call; without seconds of delay, they were on the case, then a half hour later the case was solved. Everyone went home, the end, life moved on. Reality stuck me when I first started studying law enforcement; I was just a …show more content…

During my training at the academy, I saw the degree of hatred, madness, cruelty, and indifference that individuals can harbor towards each other. It also verified the lack of responsibility an individual takes for such a crime. My belief on an individual’s ability to rapidly change their mindset was reassured in college level courses. This was more so finding the understanding of why a person acts the way that they do. I was able to get this is in my psychology courses for my minor. These courses helped me to understand the true meaning of what is cognitively going on in the person’s brain that makes them think and act in a certain way. Psychology, also, helped with the understanding of why there was a certain type of person that would end up in the system. Judicial processes were another class that was able to provide a better understanding of how the courts worked in their variety of aspects of law enforcement. After taking judicial process, I learned the criminal justice system is not a perfect system. There are many flaws in the system, which are, sadly, unchangeable. As we would all like to think there is justice for all, with the safeguards to life and liberty, it is not always the case; many people who are read their Maranda rights, who are supposed to be innocent until

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