Introduction. Automobile Industry Has Been Rapidly Shifting

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Automobile industry has been rapidly shifting from the traditional gas-powered vehicles to other economic and environmentally friendly alternatives such as electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Nighthawk Motors is a fast-growing car maker company that is looking to become the number one car selling company in the world. Its latest plug-in hybrid car, the Ecostar, is equipped with latest electric-fuel engine and long lasting battery life. Although it is new to the market, the Ecostar has comparable quality and specifications to its competitors. Table 1 illustrates a side-by-side comparison of Ecostar and Toyota Prius.
Qualifications /
Specifications Ecostar Prius
Price MSRP $21,495 MSRP $24,495
Seating 5 5
EPA 60 City
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Additionally, the company has to create marketing and branding strategy of the Ecostar that resonates with the Millennials’ lifestyles, attitudes, and buying behaviors.
There are many ways to segment and classify the automobile consumers. Typically, demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral environments are considered when evaluating the target market segmentation (“Principles of Marketing v. 2.0”, 2012). According BCG Analysis (2012), there are six distinct segments of the Millennials. Table 2 describes the six segments of the Millennials in the U.S. (Barton, Fromm, & Egan, 2012).
Segment Percentage
(Approx.) Characteristics and Attitudes
Hip-ennial 29%  Cautious consumer, globally aware, and information hungry
 Female dominated, below average employment
Millennial Mom 22%  Wealthy, family oriented, confident, and digitally savvy
 Highly social and information hungry
 Older female with high income
Anti-Millennial 16%  Conservative, locally minded
 Seek comfort and familiarity over excitement and changes.
Gadget Guru 13%  Successful, wired, and confident
 Greatest device ownership
 Male dominated, above average income, single
Clean and Green Millennial 10%  Cause-driven, healthy, green, and positive
 Greatest content distributor for cause related matters
 Younger male, more likely to be full-time student
Old-School Millennial 10%  Not wired, charitable,
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