Introduction. Managed Care Is The Formation Of A Delivery

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Introduction Managed care is the formation of a delivery system of medical assistance and other associated programs through contracted arrangements with additional partners or organizations. On a global scale, we are witness to a wide-range of health care delivery systems that have contrasting opinions on the financial crisis that is affecting every designed scheme. The United States health care system has continued to evolve through the years, so it is a continuous evolution of arrangements to address the needs or requirements of the addressing a health-conscious public. The U.S Health Care System is a complex arrangement (Figure 1), that is facing a multitude of issues that affect the financial ability to maintain continued …show more content…

The intent of the legislative act was to serve as the cornerstone of a remodeled health care system by employing comprehensive health insurance modifications that had a foundation in design for the improvement of access, affordability, and to concentrate on refining the quality of care for the nation’s population. B. Health care workforce impact Consequently, the Affordable Care Act highlighted specific guidelines, and provided provisions that would influence health care in a variety of ways. However, while there were significant positive results associated with the legislative act there were also unforeseen negative consequences. Amy Anderson provides an interesting opinion in an article from The Heritage Foundation, which emphasizes the connection between the Affordable Care Act and its impact on the health care professionals. (Note: Figure 3 highlights RN positions) Three key points in regards to the issue at hand. 1. Heavier workloads: “With millions of people entering the ranks of the insured combined with the decline in the growth of the health care workforce, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals should expect their workload to increase dramatically” (Anderson, 2014). 2. More paperwork: “The ACA has thus far added 109 distinct regulations. The time and effort to comply with these rules and regulations will equal an estimated 190 million hours of paperwork per year imposed on

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