Introduction:. The Chosen Research Topic For This Study

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Introduction: The chosen research topic for this study is an exploration into some issues teachers face in their profession. This research project will be a pilot study. Pilot studies are essential to larger research projects as they can identify any problems that may arise when conducting larger scale project (Hussan et al,. 2006). I have chosen this research question because I aspire to become a teacher after graduating therefore curious about what the job entails. In July 2016 the Times Educational Supplement (Ward, 2016) reported recruitment and retention is deteriorating. This captured my attention because I was under the impression teaching was a popular and well-respected profession. The article insinuates the deterioration in…show more content…
These readings give us a deeper level of understanding as to why teachers are struggling with the profession and also provide examples to the NUT’s workload reform (Blower, 2014). The reform presents shocking and concerning statistics within the profession. Within the reform it is stated 96.5% of teachers from the survey feel the workload is having a negative impact on their family and personal life. A further 87% revealed they knew at least one teacher who had left due to the amount of work. As a result of these findings I am curious to investigate how workload impacts my participant. Inspections: Following on from workload, teachers are under pressure due to rigorous inspections by external companies. These external companies were introduced with the intention of improving state funded schools (Rosenthal, 2003). In the UK John Major introduced the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) to carry out these inspections (Berry, 2016). The main aim of Ofsted is to improve schools through inspections (Rosenthal, 2003). This is done by exploring school conditions, self-evaluations (Jansees et al, 2008), and obtaining pupil perceptions whilst inspecting the pupil’s work (Ofsted, 2015). However, this external scrutiny is leaving teachers with anxiety and stress (Hall and Noyes, 2009). These types of emotions could hinder a teacher’s
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