Issues Of Health Career Paper Essay

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Issues in Health Career Paper The career I have chosen is an early, middle years Physical Education and Geography teacher. This career was a perfect fit for me given my four years of work at a summer day camp, as well as my eight years of hockey coaching. Working with children and helping them develop, is not only something I enjoy doing, but is my passion. I simply could not imagine my life any other way. Emotional For the purpose of this paper the primary dimension of health that I have chosen to explore is emotional health. I believe that as a teacher, remaining emotionally healthy will be extremely important. From the time I was very young, stress and anxiety have always been significant issues for me. Weather it was the stress of trying out for a hockey team, or having finals coming up I was fortunate to have had support and was taught effective strategies to help manage my stress and anxiety. These strategies helped me tremendously and will continue to be a part of my coping repertoire throughout life. It is interesting to note that many people believe the stereotype that teaching is a stress free job. They get the summers and weekends off, as well as a shortened workday, and typically is a job that people only do because they cannot do anything else. The old adage that people teach who cannot do is widely believed. However, the reality is that there is a high degree of stress associated with being an educator. There have been various research studies that indeed

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