Introverts are the Forgotten Sheep in the Herd in the Article, “Shyness: Evolutionary Tactic by Susan Cane

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“Shyness: Evolutionary Tactic?” is an article written in The New York Times newspaper. Susan Cane wrote the article in June 2011.The article used a variety of techniques to illustrate her point such as examples, sources, and new definitions. Cain writes about shyness, introversion, social anxiety disorder, and extroversion. She compares introversion to extroversion. We need equally kinds of people in society. In my experience, people display both characteristics at the same time. The article shyness and evolutionary tactic is an interesting article because the current social judgment favors extroverts but does a disservice to introverts who also make important contributions to sociality. There is a tendency in American society today to have a bias against for anyone who is not gregarious, upbeat, part of the crowd or in the spotlight There are people who on the outside are not sociable, because these people are shy. However, there is a difference between shyness and introversion. Shy people often avoid many things because they are nervous or they criticize themselves for speaking up. Introverts, however, will not be nervous or criticize themselves. Both shyness and being introverted are acceptable traits. It only becomes a problem when a person has a social anxiety disorder that significantly interferes with a person’s life. We want and need people to be the quiet thinkers who can go off by themselves come up with an idea and bring it back to a

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