Inventions And Accomplishments Of The Tang Dynasty

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The Tang dynasty was by far the best dynasty. The time period of the Tang Dynasty was from 618-907 CE, and it is an ancient Chinese dynasty.

Inventions and Accomplishments: First, one of their inventions is woodblock printing. Woodblock printing was very important because it was the start of printing worldwide. Woodblock printing was their most important invention, it was their most important invention because it opened the door for even further progress. A way this helps further progress is it helped print more books so people got an even better education. It helped print a mass amount of books for people to study for knowledge and read for entertainment. The spread of books also helped spread knowledge throughout the dynasty …show more content…

There is a reason why the Tang Dynasty is called and considered the Golden Age of China.

The Tang Dynasty had a very successful government. They had rightfully placed government officials and good leaders. The Tang Dynasty had good government officials because of the civil service test. It was an exam that people took to determine if they could be placed in government. It was known for its difficulty. It contained questions about Confucianism, his books, and his poems. It also consisted of government based questions, and poetry questions. The higher that you scored on this test, the higher place you can get in government. This promoted the best people and chose people to work in government based on merit. This examination was available to people from all social classes, so it meant that the government was getting the most qualified people for positions.
The Tang Dynasty also had good leaders, such as Xuanzong and Taizong. The emperor Taizong was the second emperor of the dynasty, who helped his father, the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty, establish the dynasty. He saw places where his father could improve, and when he was emperor, he took all of his father’s accomplishments, and further improved them. The emperor Xuanzong brought China to the heights of its golden age. He was really successful because he understood the rewards of a balanced rule. There was improvements

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