Inventory Proposal

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Inventory Proposal QRB/501 May 13, 2013 Inventory Proposal Draft Part of a business’s ability to become successful depends on the business’s ability to properly inventory merchandise needed in its operations. An organization inventory includes ordering, storing, and managing supplies needed to help the organization function efficiently. Improperly managing an organizations inventory can affect the organization profit, loss, and ability to operate. Rafferty’s Restaurant is an organization in which team C will research its inventory system. Team C will describe the Rafferty’s organization, inventory problems it faces, and expected benefits motivating…show more content…
The benefits that come alongside having available inventory are increased profits, decreased losses, larger customer base, and growth, and expansion. Increased Profits and Customers By implementing a solution to help maintain available inventory for both the catering side of the business as well as the bar and grill, Rafferty’s will be able to serve more food to more customers. The more customers who are served, increases the chances to increase profits. It also allows all customers to order what they want without told that the item is unavailable since the kitchen ran out. Shortage or over preparation occurs almost every weekend due to the restaurant inability to accurately determine how many guests will visit the restaurant. The restaurant may show a slow day the previous year due to a holiday or a local event. However, the weather, cancellation of an event, or simple decision of where a guest wants to dine can affect the shortage or over preparing of food. By implementing a solution customer satisfaction will be at an all time high and word of mouth will continue to spread, expanding the already existing customer base and making the customers more likely to return to Rafferty’s. In time with enough customers and demand, Rafferty’s can further expand into other regions successfully. Loss
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