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This report will Talk the extent to which the purpose, structure, and culture of an organisation effects its employee’s behaviour within the workplace. The way McDonald’s Corporation is structured and how this impacts individual workplace performance and the influence of McDonald’s organisational culture on my own working practices, as well as the effects of the above in supporting equality and diversity.
 The organisation’s purpose and objectives and the extent to which these are shared by employees – the ‘golden thread’

Mcdonalds mission: “McDonald 's brand mission is to be our customers ' favourite place and way
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The scorecard turns strategies and goals into tactics and demonstrates any actions to drive success. This allows all of the employees throughout McDonald’s hierarchal structure to head towards the same direction. Through the scorecard, you can paint a vivid picture of how all departments must be synchronized to achieve a goal of increased sales. Without this coordinated view, each department is free to set its own measures of success and there is no golden thread to ensure the organisation’s goals are met. My Sector which consists of tills and making sure the customer is served in a fast, efficient, and friendly way sets KPI standards and gives out promotional products in order to give consumers a chance to come back and get a discount on their next purchase. Without the coordination from all departments individual sections of the organisation would have their own actions of success to attain for and there would be no “Golden thread” to make sure strategies and goals within McDonald’s are met. The multi level view of the scorecard enables all layers of the organisation to understand how they can impact results, that is, what is within each tiers specific control to influence. As a team member , I assure that where there a need, I help other departments when I can such as the grill, making sure that they have all the utensils in place on grill side and chicken side, Managers, and delivery team.

 The way in which the business is structured -
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