Investigative Argument

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Beau Kirkpatrick English 102 Kirkpatrick Ms. Badur October 9, 2012 Introduction For my Investigative Argument I chose to research the relationship between vehicle ads, and the selections the companies made not only to display their ads. Meanwhile also notice which vehicles the companies selected to exhibit on the pages in the magazine. What excited me was the association of the ads, the different audience that reads the different type of magazines, and what the car companies feel appeals to the readers. Methods and Procedures Therefore, after realizing my interest in the selection of the placement of these ads I chose to do some research to find out which vehicular ads were used in what magazines to…show more content…
I felt this magazine really is a neutral magazine that would have much more of a general audience compared to the other magazines. I found this to be true as the four vehicle ads that were inside the magazine ranged from a truck to a car, also including a mini-van. This founding justified my thought that this magazine would contain a much more generalized audience so the ads would be a bigger variety rather than one or a couple main rhetorical strategies. Evaluation and Conclusion Now after reading Chapter five in our book it was really interesting to do this investigation of these Automotive Advertisements. After learning all the different rhetorical strategies that the companies use in the visual as well as the print that are used in these ads it suited this paper perfect to go find the twenty five ads to study and evaluate the target audiences as well as their purpose. It was also interesting noticing the stereotypical choices of where these ads were put as I explained in detail in my evidence section above. After chapter five it truly makes sense of why these ads would mention horsepower and speed so often in a Sports Illustrated magazine since they know that magazine is going to be read and prescribed to mostly guys. Works Cited Vehicles. Advertisement. Golf Digest July 2012 1-157. Print. Vehicles. Advertisement. Golf Digest
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