Invisalign Pros And Cons

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The teen years are a pretty tough nut to crack. As a parent, it can be hard to relate to your teenagers with the hormones, special language of the young, and sometimes, a chip on their shoulder. Take a step back, and try to remember your own past. Thinking back to when you were a teenager, you can certainly relate to the issues that they are going through today. Maybe not everything that’s happening today with inappropriate cell phone pictures and the constant connection that technology provides, but you can get a pretty good idea of what they go through on a daily basis. Now, consider how they feel when looking in the mirror or one of the endless selfies that teens take today when they have crooked teeth. It’s probably pretty hard for…show more content…
Your teen doesn’t have to worry about trying to brush and floss their teeth around the braces which could cause additional worries over the way that their teeth look as Invisalign can be removed. The same goes for diet, since with traditional braces, there are a lot of things that you cannot eat like gum or popcorn, but with Invisalign, that’s not an issue. The molded plastic comes out easily and pops right back in.

Another advantage is that Invisalign offers is that the plastic is smooth, so they won’t have to worry about painful brackets and wires cutting into their lips. This makes it great for any activities that they are involved in. Plus, you won’t have to make a large number of appointments to see the orthodontist for adjustments in comparison to traditional braces. This fits more with the schedule of a busy teenager that has tons of activities, homework, and plenty of downtime with friends.

Invisalign and Teenagers: Match Made in
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Most teenagers are eligible for this type of treatment, and the plastic aligners are fitted to them personally. They will be able to still be a teen that’s on a road to beautiful teeth without the hassles that come from braces. You’ll love being able to not have to nag them about avoiding foods bad for their braces or making a thousand appointments for the orthodontist. Plus, if your teen happens to be the forgetful type, Invisalign provides several free aligners in case they are lost that are already included in the price.

Dr. Price: Elite Provider

Dr. Price offers Invisalign in her Phoenix practice, and is considered an Elite provider for the experience and skill she brings to the table as an Invisalign provider. Your teen couldn’t be in better hands. During your initial exam, she’ll walk you through the process as she evaluates your teen for whether or not they are an acceptable candidate for this teeth straightening method. An impression of the teeth will be made if they are a suitable candidate, and your treatment plan will be created.

3-D printers will then be used to create the perfect set of aligners for your teen. The amount of time for successful treatment will vary, but some teens can get the smile they desire in a year or under, and Dr. Price is now offering a new treatment method called Propel that can help to further reduce the time spent
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