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• ICP should be in full swing by this point. Share from your perspective how your group is doing as a group? How have you specifically contributed at this point to assist in the success of your group project? How do you think your group members are perceiving you? This is intentionally asking that you reflect internally on your own participation and contribution to date. So far, our group has admittedly had some issues with evenly distributing responsibility. On many occasions, meetings which were essential to the development of our ICP had only been attended by half of the members, without any indication from the other two that they would not be able to make it. This failure of participation has made it relatively difficult to …show more content…

While another group member and I have taken it upon ourselves to ensure the success of our ICP, our exasperation at having to do so may have become evident on certain occasions. In consideration of this, I am now working on my communication skills. • Last class we broke into intragroups and reported out. What are your reactions to last class? In what ways did we practice dialogue during the last half of our last session? What did you notice about your classmates? Whose voices did we hear? Whose voices were missing? I really enjoyed last class due to the palpable sense of comfort within our intragroup. While I am unable to reference a time wherein I have ever truly felt uncomfortable in the IGD space, Monday was unique because there seemed to exist a strong form of solidarity between each of the “non-white” students. Everyone present made it clear as to what they identified as, and there was no doubt directed towards anyone regarding their choice. Even when one student expressed their uncertainty about identifying as a person of color, she was assured of her legitimacy and belonging. I found this moment extremely powerful, especially due to my own insecurities about how I am racially perceived. Within the intragroup, we were able to discuss sensitive topics in a “safe space,” without fear of the racial “other’s” offense or reaction. During this process, it was also clear that each participant felt comfortable being

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