Iphone : A Hybrid Between A Smartphone And A Tablet Essay

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Strategy Since Samsung’s Note 4 is considered to be a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet, its main identifiable market is middle to upper-middle class Android smartphone users who desire a premium product. These users have recently been switching to the iOS-based iPhone, which is known for its higher price point. As of 2015, Android users still comprised approximately 78% of the overall market share for smartphones. Given the absence of more substantive data regarding the demographics and psychographics of Android smartphone users, one can reasonably surmise the following regarding an identifiable market segment for the Samsung Note 4: annual household income of $40,000 plus, single and married, education level ranging from some college to a doctorate degree, gender of both male and female, values productivity and efficiency, values innovation, early adopters when it comes to tech products, and competitive/strivers. The next question, of course, is why are some Android users switching over to the iPhone? The reasons could be a desire for the intuitive simplicity that comes with iOS, a desire to be associated with the status of the Apple brand, a perception of higher quality, and a desire to take advantage of synching capabilities across Apple’s multiple platforms (Mac OS, iTunes, etc.). Samsung should further refine its target market for the Note 4 through further segmentation. The target market for the Note 4 will be current Android and iPhone users in

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