Iphone vs. Androind Compare and Contrast Essay

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Comparing Smart Phones: iPhone and Android

Over the last decade, electronic-based companies such as Samsung and Apple have collaborated with cellular-phone carriers, and have studied the average consumer to find endless ways to improve the cellular phone. As a result, the smart phone was born. With their ability to provide users with instant access to communication, entertainment, Internet access, calendar, news, social media, and much more, the smart phone revolutionized and shifted the path of modern technology. In 2006, Apple began this revolution with their release of the iPhone. Being the first proper smart phone, many other companies attempted to mimic the unbeatable features and technology that Apple had included with the iPhone. …show more content…

However, because of the fact that Apple refuses to allow other manufacturers to use the iPhone’s IOS software, there are only six models of the iPhone. Differences in appearance are evident as well. For example, higher-end Android phones have been noted for their screens that are much larger than that of the iPhone. However, this limits the screen’s resolution, which is much greater on the iPhone for this very reason.

Another similarity between the iPhone and Android are their features. For example, both include a high-resolution camera and MP3 player. In terms of connectivity, they both allow 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connection. Like all modern smart phones, they are both based on very similar downloadable applications, and both include a very similar app store. Like the iPhone, the Android also includes a similar notification center, allowing users to view a log of missed calls, text messages, and other notifications from apps.

As stated prior, iPhone and Android share many of the same applications, and both display similarities in their app stores. However, the systems of apps for both types of phone are almost entirely different. For example, the apps on the iPhone are of higher quality than that of the Android, and there is a much greater selection. However, Android phones allow users to download applications from third party sources, and the Android app store is much

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