Iphone : The Year That Changed It All Essay

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2007: The Year that Changed it All

1st Section:
In this report, I prove that Apple’s iPhone has dominated all other smartphones in the years leading up to 2016. It is the epitome of what a globally recognized product can accomplish when considering how quickly it globalized and the image it provides for those who buy an iPhone. Owning one of these phones is not only a statement, it holds power and value that other smartphones simply cannot top. The company owns the stage when compared to other smartphones, and it’s journey to become the world’s second-largest mobile phone manufacturer is truly incredible. In fact, not only does it lead in technology and phone production, it’s become the largest publicly traded TNC in the world. Everything from its assets to its brand loyalty prove why it has expanded across the globe, and will continue to for many years to come. Apple Inc. has globally expanded by outsourcing nearly every level of its production and became one of the most successful and revolutionary TNC’s in the world, mainly due to the release of the infamous iPhone in 2007. In the same year, Apple was renamed to Apple Inc.; previously it was Apple Computer, Inc. The new name was an image move, showcasing the company’s shift towards consumer, life-changing products. Upon researching this transnational corporation, what I found most interesting was their simple approach to advertising. It reflects the lifestyle that iPhone owners accomplish by utilizing this product to

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