Iranian High School Differences Of The United States

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Iranian high School Differences
In the United States, Americans often talk about how important it is to have an education. Without having a high school diploma in the United States, adults would not be able to enter in the workforce easily, enroll in college and enlist in the Army. Adolescents in different locations of the world do not get to choose what they want to do in the future. Some countries have to earn their high school diplomas by passing numerous tests. There some countries in the world that have to take an examination before they enter into high school. If they enter in a good high school, it can also lead them to have a better life for themselves. Teenagers never understand what it would be like to live in a place that education that students had to study repeatedly during the holidays or vacations. Some Americans do not value how can you get an education for freedom and students are not being discriminated by their race, religion or gender. The difference of the school calendar, mandatory classes that student have to take, competitive entrance exams that help the students and the grading system defines the difference of North Carolina High School and high school in Iran.
Every country in the world has a different Academic calendar. Iranian schools operate from Saturday to Thursday and have 200 days of school. In Ashe County, there is one hundred eighty days of school that operated from Monday to Friday. Ashe County usually start on the second week of August

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