Is 3110 Lab 7

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Lab 7
1- The overall objective of the BIA is to identify the impact of outages. More specifically, the goal is to identify the critical functions that can affect the organization. After these you can identify the critical resources that support these functions. Each resource has a MAO and impact if it fails. The ultimate goal is to identify the recovery requirements.
An indirect objective of the BIA is to justify funding.

2- The first step towards creating a serious BCP is to identify the potential disasters one by one and determining what the potential impact might be on your business. In order to generate a professional and sound BCP, you have to understand the degree of the potential loss, which could occur. Some of the factors you …show more content…

How critical are IT infrastructure to business
Bia shows urgent need for contingency plan

9- Let 's go back to daily backups for an example. If you back up at night at 6:00 p.m. and the server goes down the following day at 4:00 p.m., then you 've potentially lost 22 hours of data that was created during that day. If you have no ability to recreate that data, then the data is lost.
So your RPO from a business perspective will dictate that you need data down to the last transaction. For example, if you 're processing credit card transactions, you cannot afford to lose any transactions. So then your RPO becomes 0, which means you cannot afford any data loss.
So indirectly, that also dictates the kind of technology you need to put in place to ensure that you can achieve your RPO. This is very different from the RTO, although the RTO will also dictate the kind of technology you will need to put in place. The RTO is more about a maximum tolerable outage. So those work hand in hand in defining what we need to put in place to meet our objectives; one being how quickly we need things to be recovered and the other being to what point in time.

10- Risk management Plan (1)
Business Impact Analysis (2)
Business Continuity Plan (3)
Disaster Recovery Plan

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