Is A Fetus A Person? Essay

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Abortion is a decision every person should decide for themselves. The major arguments against abortion are how a fetus is a person; a fetus has rights; and it is morally impermissible to take a life. Many consider abortion to be equivalent to murder. However, a fetus is not a person. There are important traits one most hold to be a person, 1) self-awareness, one must be able to make decisions regarding themselves 2) being able to converse with others and hold a relationship 3) consciousness, one must be able to make rational decisions and have thought (Warren). On important aspect of being person is the ability to be aware of its surroundings and decision making. Being a pregnant is not a situation everyone gets to experience and the …show more content…

If a fetus was not born it cannot be considered a being because it has no physical existence outside the female. Up until close to birth, the fetus is not entirely developed and does not yet obtain all the essential qualities to being a person such as the ability to be self-aware. Being self-aware is to know your surroundings and how they relate to you. Our environment plays a huge role in the way we make decisions. We are generally able to determine how we should act and react in any given situation since we are aware of ourselves. A fetus is not aware of itself and cannot relate itself to its surroundings. Therefore, a fetus does not have the ability to formulate rational thought and decision making, which is a vital. We have to rely on our decisions to get us through like and a fetus is unable to make any decisions regarding itself. They are not aware of their surroundings and do not have the abilities necessary to consider it a person. An important trait persons hold is being able to communicate and hold relations with others. The social aspect of being a person is one a fetus does not contain. They do not have the ability to communicate with anyone or anything and they can hold a relationship. “…because fetuses are neither rational nor possess the capacity to communicate in complex ways nor possess concept of self that continues through time, no fetus is a person” (Marquis). Being unable to have thought and self-awareness takes away the

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