Is Abortion Ethical Or Ethical?

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Is abortion ethical? There are certain situations where it could be, such as not being able to carry the baby to term due to health concerns, emotional, personal concerns, and financial stability. However, there are certainly many situations where abortion is not ethical due to immature and careless reason between to sexual partners having sex. I believe Abortion can be ethical depending on the circumstances one is in. “Most of us believe that women are entitled to abortions if they want them, and they don 't need to have to provide you reasons for the rest of us to judge” (Marcotte). I can 't help but agree with Marcotte because Women do carry the most of the power in the decision because she is ultimately going to carry the child for the nine months. Certainly, abortions are a must if the woman that is pregnant cannot carry the baby to term due to everyday medication she must take and if she doesn 't take it, it can harm her cerebral function and if she decides to take the medication she can harm the baby leading to deficits upon birth. However, that doesn 't mean a woman should be allowed to have to 20 abortions in one year because she can, that is unethical because she is doing it for all the wrong reasons. She could either take contraceptive medication or abstain from sex. Certainly some women believe having an abortion is the ethical thing to do because of financial circumstances and they can 't afford a baby. Which is completely understandable in today 's economy
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