Is Art And Music?

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What truly is Art and Music? Is it something that an individual made just to express their imagination? The practice of Art in any form has created foundations of what is today a “society”. One may not know this but the aesthetics of “Art and Music” in Criminal Justice plays a vital role into the human psychology; allowing to regress the mind of a criminal or a detainee. In becoming a Homicide Detective, it is imperative to have a calm atmosphere when someone is being interrogated in order to get a clear confession or information about the matter in hand. Here is an example; someone wason’ found murdered and the police established a potential assailant who happens to be in the region of the deceased person. So of course the officers would bring them in. The fallacy of this approach is quite different than you see on T.V because it is made up. Playing a soothing harmony attributes to serenity and makes it easier for the person to deliver their message when they are being detained without being bombarded with so many questions that would lead them to be more likely not to tell. That being said; creating a calm environment would relax the person’s mind and increase the chances of the detainee giving out the information. In correlation to the attributes of Music, the fundamental uses of Art can create a sort of tranquil status towards the person being interrogated. Color has the influence to change one’s behavior, so art is a necessity to calm someone’s mind and reduce

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