Is Bureaucracy Good for Employees? Discuss

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This essay focuses on the assertion that “Too much and too little bureaucracy in an organization demotivate employees and cause them stress.” According to James & George (2008), bureaucracy is a formal system of organization and administration designed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Hanson (1979) defines bureaucracy as “an authority structure based on rational behavior” The hierarchical authority that bureaucracy brings in may mean that employees do not contribute to decision making due to the setup. Ideas can be killed because they come from the “wrong” person and ideas may be supported because they are advanced by the ”right” person. More so, workers feel that Data is used selectively, or distorted to make performance look…show more content…
Bureaucracy ensures that workers of the organization are treated the same and what applies to a floor supervisor also applies to the production manager. This element of bureaucracy ensures that workers will give it their all knowing that they will be treated fairly despite the fact that they are of a minority race, of a lower position in the firm or they belong to a certain department. Because bureaucratic organizations require a record of whatever transpires, it becomes restrictive for the psychological growth of the individual in their job. This tends to stifle their innovativeness, frustration and stress creep in as a result. An example is …………………………… Recording and record keeping is beneficial not only to the organization as a whole but also to the individual worker who will be coming into a vacated office to fill in for someone. The current incumbent does not need constant help or consultations from the others or the manager all they need to do is refer to the records. This serves the worker plenty of time, energy and sometimes embarrassment due to constant requests for assistance on how to progress. Bureaucracy as defined by employees is an array of negative forces, attitudes or actions that are damaging to organizational effectiveness. It weakens employee morale and commitment. It divides people within the organization against each other, and misdirects their energy into
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