Is College Athletes Get Paid?

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Austin Hefter
Mrs. Nutter
English 12 CS/ Period 2
Is It Time For College Athletes To Get Paid?
The concept of college athletes getting paid has been around since college athletics have existed. One might ask why the athletes should get paid if they already have free tuition. The revenue that certain athletes bring to a university can be a substantial amount, beyond that of just a scholarship in some cases. Debated by many and taken action by few, giving the right of receiving benefits to a college athlete has made little progress. The deliberation on whether college athletes should be paid in some form or another started after the first collegiate competition took place, when a coxswain used on the Harvard crew was not enrolled in the Ivy League school. Speculations say that Harvard may have used this coxswain to satisfy sponsors at the regatta against fellow Ivy League school, Yale University. This was not the last of paying non-students to play collegiate sports. Through the mid 1900’s, it seemed as if anyone that could make a collegiate football roster could play. Allegations of some small football programs say that the coaches would recruit everyday citizens from their town to play on the football team. With those people already being paid outside of football the coaches had to figure out a way of paying their current student athletes. Some colleges would appoint high paying jobs that required

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