Is College Getting to Expensive?

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College is a place where most high school students want to be after graduation. They may want to attend as a goal that they have achieved for themselves for future goals and aspirations, or something that they're doing for their family. No matter what the reason is, there is one thing that is for sure. College is not cheap and will only continue to become more expensive. With this, comes diffulct financial decisions for the parents of the attende and the students themsevles. Middle class families make up the majority of the college students, but with the continuing uprise in prices the numbers of attendance will start to drop. With that said, college is becoming too expensive for the middle class and America. A. To begin, exspenes and statistics will be discussed first. College life is already hard enough without thinking about expenses. But how many students actually finish college? 1. states " Fewer than four in 10 students graduate in four years, while just about six in 10 graduate in six years, according to a new report by The Education Trust, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C." They also state " sixty percent of all college freshman do not graduate in four years." A lot of money is being invested into the students to complete their education, and if they don't finish that equals to extra money just being thrown away. 2. Student loans are also a major factor when paying for college. It

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