Is College Still A Good Investment?

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In Does College Still Pay, Lisa Barrow explores that even though the college tuition costs are increasing rapidly, is college still a good investment. Barrow states that college still worth wild and there is no evidence of a downward trend to students attending college due to increasing college tuition. Barrow also claims that by getting a bachelor 's degree today, a college student can expect to regain all of their investments they have put towards their education within 10 years after graduation. Claims similar to these are found in Robert B. Archibald 's The Anatomy of College Tuition. In this article, states that colleges have discount tuition for some students ' base on their parents ' income, thus putting a pressure on publishing tuition prices and causing them to increase.
Barrow describes that in the 1980s, the value of a college education began to grow rapidly. She also states that with a bachelor 's degree, the earnings began to increase compared to a worker with only a high school diploma. She says, "that somewhere between the 1990s and 2000s, the college tuition rates has increased extremely rapidly while the wage gap has slowdown" (1). She claims that due to the economy, universities has raised their tuition so dramatically to where the wage gap cannot keep up, thus, lower wages. This causes Barrow to wonder if attending college is even worth the cost of attending.
To better understand, Barrow claims that due to the rapid increase in the cost of tuition has a
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