Is College Worth The Cost

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Many question is college worth the cost? I agree and disagree, in our society now a college education is not an option also it is not a privilege, but others would say it is necessity. From both sides there are views that contain a valid argument about the cost of college. There are people whom never stepped a foot in college after high school and are doing great than people who have their master’s degree. One example is if you do not attend college then you have a risk of being underemployed, unemployed and underpaid. As for another example if you do go to a college then you risk being mired in a student loans and that could become difficult to pay off. Freshman year of high school, do you remember the first moment we stepped into our first class, we all take a seat and think from point forward is senior year and college.
This saying of us not going to college you will later in life fail, and if you do go you will mostly spend your time in debt. Losing the money you earn is it really worth it? Education should be free and not payed for because knowledge is power and for what reason should we have to pay for it? People should not have to pay to get their education. Without education others would not express their opinions and others would not be able to type a 5 paragraph essay. You pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a career you promised yourself to complete you spend several years for this career. Yes I do agree that especially in today’s economy jobs that have a

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