Is Communism Or Utopia?

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When a person asks, “What is communism?” many respond negatively often criticizing communism. Communism, a theory co-developed by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, was an ideology where everyone is equal and had this idea of utopia. But why has communism become so dystopian instead of utopian? First of all, it has to be clarified that there is no pure capitalism nor communism. However, socialism is not exactly the center of the two but has traits from both. Rather, there is a spectrum where countries are at and might lean towards capitalism or communism. And a democratic country can be communist. Then what is communism? It most certainly cannot be defined by the definitions given today by average-minded people. Communism is not a system that has to have a dictator. Although Marxism has made a gateway into modern communism and socialism, Marxism…show more content…
First of all, greed plays a disturbing factor of implementing Marxism. Being greedy often leads to breaking the system, which is cheating. It is possible to cheat in any system but one person breaking the system often leads to group, which eventually leads to a revolt from the citizens. It also requires giving something up, regardless of who you are. The citizens have to give up their capital to the government while the government in return has to increase expenses on their citizens. The second reason is that it only works with medium wealth and no greed. Poor people might benefit as they would receive more in return than give but then in return, the government would have very little to take from them. It would not work in wealthy backgrounds as they would not willingly donate all of their capital and power. Only people in the middle with decent living and very little greed are able to live under Marxism. The third reason is that it results in an overpowering government that collects high taxes, anything from deceased parents, and limits anything by the
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