Is Education Means A Better Than Your Peers?

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To be educated: commonly defined as being smarter than your peers. Although most people would say the more educated you are, the better you are, it is often used as a tool to make fun of and discourage those who took the time to seek intelligence. For centuries this has been the case. From biblical times, to mid-evil times, to even modern times, it has been constantly argued what it means to be educated. Some believe that claiming education means hold certification. Others think that it means being able to communicate what you know or how you think. Ultimately, the author of this column, appearing in The Magnolia Potpourri on October 29th 2014, believes that sound judgment, mercy, and humility to be the marks of education. It becomes apparent that the audience this was written for includes somebody who not only has somewhat of an idea of what it means to be educated, but has a grasp on Christian beliefs. In the second paragraph, the author references an ancient Greek play. Although she does explain it, it is arguable that somebody who is not interested, or haven’t put a lot of thought into what it means, would stop reading at this point. At the beginning of the column the author talks about her son. She is looking to write to parents, who face the issue of deciding what they need to teach their children. Later in the article, The Bible is suddenly brought up. This further tightens the target audience as those with knowledge of religion and those who understand references to
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