Is Epistemology Applied The Study Of Knowledge? Essay

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TITLE- Imperfection is the cause of doubt. Epistemology is the study of knowledge. “What can I know” (Class note). Epistemology involves Cognitive sciences (the study of the mind), cultural studies (the study of cultures) and the history of science. Epistemology talks about how our knowledge can be proven true or false. Whenever the word Epistemology comes up we think about Knowledge. Everyone uses the word Knowledge all the time because they think that they have a thorough understanding of the concept but when they try to analyze or define knowledge, it becomes difficult for them because one thing leads to the other. Dictionary defined Knowledge as facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience and education. Philosophers divide knowledge into three different types, Personal knowledge, Procedural knowledge and propositional knowledge ( Personal knowledge is based on our experience that is what we saw or heard, Procedural knowledge is based on what we learn from a task, it can be school task, or work task and Propositional knowledge can be from the knowledge of nature. In this paper I will argue that we cannot establish an indubitable foundation for all knowledge because human beings are finite being, that is they are not perfect. Things that are not perfect can be doubted and since humans are not perfect, their knowledge is also not perfect so therefore it is possible to
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