Is Gender Bias For College Aid?

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Original Thoughts
We started our research expecting to find that there was gender bias in college aid.
For example we thought that men would get more sports scholarships than women and women would get more STEM scholarships than men
This, we thought, was because the colleges were trying to draw in genders to certain fields.
We thought that males would get more scholarships because colleges want more male athletes and that women would get more STEM scholarships because they want to draw more women into the STEM fields.
Gender Bias?
Contrary to our original ideas, our research showed us there was not a bias in the areas we thought.
In fact, our research revealed to us that there was not actually any true gender bias in financial aid and
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Within the study, the higher proportion of aid fluctuated between genders, but the difference was almost insignificant.
This does not show that there are any true biases within athletic aid.
STEM Scholarship Programs
Another one of the main areas we expected to find gender biases was the STEM Scholarship programs.
The STEM program is a very successful program which was designed to provide resources and opportunities to underrepresented groups.
In order to research this, we looked into a specific scholarship program geared toward the STEM program at Wright State University.
The Wright Science Technology and Engineering Preparatory Program is an academic pre-engineering program at Wright State University.
This program provides resources and financial incentives to encourage students to pursue degrees in the STEM field.
Wright STEPP Students By Gender
This graph shows the distribution of students involved in the program based on gender.
As you can see, the undergraduates that are part of the program are dominantly females, while the graduate students are much more balanced, but there are slightly more males.
STEM Scholarship Programs
We recently interviewed Barb Gunnison who works as the Special Programs Coordinator in the Learning Resource Center here at Behrend.
She was a big part of the STEM Scholarship Program that we used to have here.
The program started because they wanted to “give a home to minorities in STEM fields”.
It consisted of a one
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