Is Google Making Us Stupid Essay

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Is Google Making Us Stupid?
How long is the Nile River? How do I take out a loan? Where do babies come from? Nowadays, instead of the long searches after a trip to the library, creeping through the old books collecting dust on our parent’s shelves and even looking through an encyclopedia, instead we would find the answers these answers through a quick Google search. Google, introduced to the public September of 1997, is a commonly used search engine all over the internet. Google is roughly an amazing 40% of the internet. From toddler to teen to senior citizen, we use Google as a crutch for our daily information. But to say that Google is making us stupid is not necessarily right? Google more so is making us dependant on fast-paced information, and therefore diluting our sense of concentration and our ability to receive and maintain that information.
Nicholas Carr, author of the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid,” wrote about his experience with the search engine and how it’s literally changing the way his thought process receives information. Carr writes, “I’m not thinking the way I used to think… my concentration often starts to drift after two or three pages.” Google is a high-speed search engine that spoils us with information on whatever we want within a few clicks of a button. As of opposed to searching through hours of books and encyclopedias, Google is a more time efficient source for knowledge. The problem with this instrument isn’t that it’s making us stupid per

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