Is It A Good Than A Better Job Than The Sons Of The Light? Essay

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Though he has been fired for dishonesty, and though he clearly acts dishonestly after he has been fired, the manager in this parable is presented as an example of doing what you can to protect your future. In this, Jesus says, the sons of this world do a better job than the sons of the light. They think about how they are using their resources and act accordingly. They may, of course, misuse them, as the manager did in this parable, however, even then they think carefully about what they should do. Christians, then, should think more about using their resources in the best manner possible—though, of course, they should refrain from doing so dishonestly. Conclusion (16:10-12) This section encourages us to be faithful with what God has given us. As Christians we are not to simply ignore the impact of money, or care nothing of how we handle it (which may be tempting when we understand that it has not eternal value), instead, we are still to be careful with our money, think ahead about what we do with it, and use it wisely. After all, the way we treat money will impact the responsibilities God will give us. If we are faithful with the material possessions we are given on earth, God will trust us to be faithful with spiritual riches. Summary (16:13) Finally, we must be careful in how we value money. We have to maintain a balance between caring too little about it (and as a result not being faithful with it) and caring too much about it (and as a result placing it above God).
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