Is It Ok To Kill Giraffes

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I think it's ok to kill a permanently ill animal is for its own benefit, so it doesn’t suffer anymore, but do you think it’s ok to kill a healthy one? The population of Giraffes has gone down 40% in 15 years due to hunting and predators. If this keeps up giraffes will be extinct in about 180 years. Giraffes have necessities which help them survive, and predators after them, but what happens when hunters get into the mix? Do you think it’s ok to kill these innocent animals?

In the wild kingdom, there are many different types of animals. But all these animals have a common goal, and that is to stay alive. To reach their goal they have to fight off any weather challenge, reproduce, and eat. When a rainstorm occurs, animals need shelter, but who will get to the shelter first? If you have a breed of an animal, to keep that breed they need to reproduce. The more animals, the more reproduction, the biggest population. A very important factor to the equation is food. Every living creature needs it if they want to stay alive. But in the wild kingdom, some animals kill other animals for food, those animals are called carnivores, and that is ok. Carnivores help balance population, so one animal's population doesn't get too high. Lions, hyenas, crocodiles, and …show more content…

If humans know that giraffes are dying so fast they should limit giraffe slaughter for a certain season until the population rises again. I also believe that no one should be allowed to do anything that could harm one of the giraffes in a population with little as 300 giraffes left such as the West African Giraffe. I think that predators are killing giraffes at a fair rate, but there are so many types of predators that hunt giraffes that if they keep reproducing, there would be too many and little food for them. If hunters do need to kill an animal, they should kill a predator that isn't prey to any other

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