Is It Possible For Our Current Generation?

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Introduction I believe that it is possible for us to surpass current legends when it comes to speed. However this is just a hypothesis that I will explore further in order to gather enough information, allowing me to test how true my assumptions are based on historic facts and figures, as well as looking at how certain aspects of the sport such as clothing will change and whether it will benefit my side of the argument or not. Our world is changing rapidly, and the quality required to be noticed as a star on the big stage has changed greatly as well. This could mean it is easier to be noticed in some sports and harder in others, but in the world of Athletics, the competition is definitely getting harder and there are several reasons for this. Therefore the quality of our current generation has to be compared to that of future as well as past generations to make assumptions on which aspects of the sport these changes are happening. World Records (Electronic Times) 1977 onwards Men: 1980-1989 100m – 9.93s Calvin Smith 1983 200m – 19.75s Carl Lewis 1983 1990-1999 100m – 9.79s Maurice Greene 1999 200m – 19.32s Michael Johnson 1996 2000-current 100m – 9.58s Usain Bolt 2009 200m – 19.19s Usain Bolt 2009 Women: 1980-1989 100m – 10.49s Florence Griffith Joyner 1988 200m – 21.34s Florence Griffith Joyner 1988 1990-1999 100m – 10.65s Marion Jones 1998 200m – 21.62s Marion Jones 1998 2000-current 100m – 10.64s Carmelita Jeter 2009 200m – 21.69s Allyson Felix 2012 As shown by the

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