Why Is Lying Acceptable

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Is Lying Acceptable? Getting people to tell the truth can never be easy, but lying can never be as easy either. Lying will never solve anything, you should always take responsibility for your consequences. In some cases, lying can be okay, on the other hand lying was never what so ever justified. Telling the truth would be better, though more times lying is just easier and causes people from getting hurt. It can also be hard to get people to face the truth sometimes. Lying can be acceptable when protecting someone’s feelings.
To begin with, lying to keep someone from harm or from hurting their feelings can sometimes be acceptable. In the AP-lpsos, percent of those questioned said it was sometimes OK to lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, even though 52 percent said lying, overall, was never justified (NBCNEWS, 2006). “People who say lying is wrong are often in abstract.” Very little of people would admit to thinking it is ok to lie on a resume.
Not to mention, lying can make people not believe you or not trust you as much anymore once they find out. “ Every single lie has its cost,” (NBCNEWS, 2006). People tell all kinds of lies every day to protect someone’s feelings and most of the times lies are just told in different ways. They
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Lying to someone to keep them from harm or from hurting their feelings can sometimes be acceptable. Lying can also make people not have full trust in you like they did before they found out you lied. People have their own outlooks on things so there are others to make think lying is acceptable always, never, or sometimes. In that event, DePaulo asked 77 students in the late ‘90s, and later asked 77 students in Charlottesville, VA community to tell how many people have lied. Of the 77 students only one claimed to having told no lie. While, of the other 70 students, six made that
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