Is Marketing One Dimensional Problem Solving Discipline? Essay

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Is Marketing One-dimensional Problem-solving Discipline?

The increasing interest in marketing studies has heightened the need for further discussion of the managerial ideology of marketing. Although considerable research has been devoted to criticizing marketing studies, rather less attention has been paid to the social influence beyond the marketing itself. With regard to marketing, the first interpretation popping up in your mind probably would be selling products to customers by variety effective means. That is, refer to marketing concept, focus on existing customers and fit customers wants and needs in order to achieve the ideal profitability, without violating in marketing ethics. One crucial idea that Hackley mentioned in his book, “An intriguing feature of Marketing studies is that it has developed many new forms of research and exploration but has yet remained, in its most popular guise, a resolutely one-dimensional problem-solving discipline” (Hackley, 2009), has become a controversial topic for marketing scholars and commentators. By one-dimensional problem-solving discipline, it supposed consumers can control by marketing managers by using varies techniques which are derived from marketing concepts (i.e. 4Ps). This kind discipline ideally solves marketing problem by just look at a very narrow side of view without further integrated knowledge, experiences, and judgments. The rest of this paper will be organized in the following way: critically examine whether

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