Is Media Violence Pernicious?

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Is Media Violence Pernicious? In recent decades, the emergence of television and the internet have made information and entertainment alike more accessible than ever before. By extension, this increased availability encompasses violent entertainment as well. As access has risen, media violence has become a rather contentious issue. There is currently a stark division surrounding the topic between those who believe that violent media is pernicious, and those who believe it is harmless, or even cathartic. I have always found this schism rather baffling; personally, I believe that the topic attracts too much attention, and that conversation and efforts at regulation are better spent elsewhere. Though it may seem somewhat counterintuitive, that is precisely why I decided to research the issue further. In this essay I will explore the potential risks or benefits associated with consuming violent media, and any potential behavioral correlations. There is overwhelmingly more research concerned with potential negative consequences of violent media than potential positive ones. Despite this, no definitive causal link has been established between simulated violence and actual violence. However, there is some evidence supporting the view that violent media is linked to negative psychological traits. One such example is a widely peer reviewed, 2003 study that evaluated college age adults for aggression and hostility prior to and after exposure to music with graphic lyrics (Anderson et

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