Is Natural Talent More Superior Than Hard Work? Essay

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There is a population of people that are expected to be naturally successful, however they are not. There is an ongoing debate on whether natural talent is more superior than hard work. Some believe that being naturally talented gives one an advantage, others believe that hard work is more important. Although both may be true, natural talent gives people a head start, it does not mean they are going to keep wanting to improve. It is also believed that when gifted people are children they are given an unearned status because they are treated at a higher level than those who are not. (Campbell. 2014. Para. 2) These gifted children can also develop a wrong sense of entitlement because it can put pressure on them or perhaps even make them feel privileged and they use it to their advantage. (Campbell. 2014. Para. 4) Children that are naturally talented are likely to have not been taught the meaning and importance of hard work, so when they come to the point in their lives when everyone else around them is becoming successful the talented individual will not know how to use their talents to excel past the rest. (Campbell. 2014. Para. 5). These talented individuals seem likely to succeed but do not because they simply do not practice, fear failure and do not receive feedback. The saying "practice makes perfect" is an accurate statement when attempting to becoming successful. Malcolm Gladwell wrote an essay called How to Be a Success, in which he states that in order to be a
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