Is Nuclear Power the Way to Go? Essay

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Is nuclear power the way to go?

Nuclear Power? What is nuclear power and why do so countries pursuit it or ask to be ban? According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency nuclear power is created through a process call fission where uranian atoms are seperate which leads to the release of energy (paragraph one,, 4/22/2011). The first major investment on nuclear power was seen in the Manhanttan Project. The results of the Manhanttan Project were seen on the island Japan during World War Two, where two nuclear bomb were used to end the war in the pacific. Ever since that event, nations have put their best scientist to make create nuclear power, some invest on nuclear research for alternative method of energy or …show more content…

Furthermore, the article suggest that reprocessing will lead to the construction of more low-level nuclear facilities (paragraph eight,, 04/05/2011), which points more facilities are going to be builted unnecessarily, leading to the contamination of more land. The idea of nuclear power facilities to recycle their waste hurts the enviroment.

By recycling nuclear waste, it contributes to the contamination of the planet by adding more nuclear hazard. The waste that keeps on pilling on is that of uranium and plutonium which are two substance that takes a long period of time to stop being radioactive. In the article publish by the Union of Concerned Scientist, it is mention that after nuclear waste is recycle it produces differences types of nuclear waste and thus adding more twenty years to the present nuclear waste, plutonium being one those nuclear waste (paragraph eight,, 04/05/2011) meaning that extra waste is being created by nuclear facilities which increases that amount of nuclear hazard that already exist. Furthermore, uranium is another substance that is being mas produce by reprocessing which leading to more contamination. In the same article, they mention that uranium is the substance that is mass produce by reprocessing which causes contamination (paragraph eight,, 04/05/2011), it clearly shows that reprocessing it leading for this hazardest element to pollute more the earth. Lastly, in

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