Is Organ Sale Not Banned For Many Years?

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PAGE 1 Marlon Nolasco Professor: Dr.Julius Ellington Period 2B, Social Issues Date: 1/10/2016 Imagine someone that you hold dearly about to die because of a terrible organ problem and that person needs an organ to be alive, you can’t donate your organs, what will you do? There are a lot of people throughout the world that at this moment are waiting for an organ to be donated to them, however not many people will do it because they are either scared that they one day need it or that they might suffer during the process. Organ sale has been banned for many years because of a lot of reasons that we…show more content…
This results will bring us to our first question, do people need to get paid to donate organs? Or does organ sale need to be legalized? That is a both “yes” and “no” question because there are a lot of people that need money and are poor, 22% of the United States consist of poor people, single kidney may cost up to $60,000. Meaning if people are really desperate for money they could sell their organs. So this would convince many people that are in need of money. However, there will be more problems if there is a legalization of organ selling. There could be an increase of murder just because people want to sell organs on the black market. One example of organ trafficking dates back to 7 years ago, in July 2009 a person named levy Izhak was arrested for buying organs from weak people in Israel for $10,000 and later selling them to people that really need them for $100,000 in the U.S. This will cause many people to oppose the sales of organ and would make some people donating organs think twice before doing it because they might feel scared that one day they might need it and would have to pay a large amount of money to get what they have given before. Some people think that this idea is bad because organs should not be given in exchange for money because you are saving someone’s life. One thing that really concerns me is that why does money have to
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