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Alzheimer’s disease is an unpreventable, untreatable disorder which leads to the lowest form of quality of life. This disease causes lacking cognitive abilities in the area of remembrance, reason, and recognition of familiar places and faces; is predicted to affect 16 million people in the United States by 2050 unless a viable treatment or cure is found. Because this disease affects the fastest-growing age group, current clinical trials are striving to find effective pre-Alzheimer’s Disease tests. However, there are people who believe that these pre-screening methods are not reliable. Those that favor the idea of pre-Alzheimer’s Disease testing believe that cognitive abilities screening, neuropsychological exams, brain image testing…show more content…
Lastly, spinal fluid testing is disputed because of the lack of equipment and resources. I believe that pre-Alzheimer’s Disease testing is effective. By pre-screening for Alzheimer’s we are able to begin the process of finding, not only a cure, but a preventative measure. Cognitive testing is easily accessible through doctors on routine medical check-ups, it can be completed in less than 15 minutes and track changes easily. Also, though neuropsychological testing can be time intensive, the information received from the exam can help make a personalized therapy plan for the patient. Brain imaging is an easy way to find other causes of memory problems or dementia symptoms and has a 90 percent accuracy rate of detecting the disease early. Lastly, with spinal fluids specialists are able to determine who does or does not have Alzheimer’s or preclinical signs of it.

Linguistic ability is a key component in screening cognitive abilities, especially when such screening is performed early in life. Snowdon (1996), a leading author of Alzheimer’s research found that the measure of cognitive abilities early in life is, “a potent marker for cognitive problems, Alzheimer’s Disease, and brain lesions later in life.” This means that through form, meaning and context researcher were able to predict with a certain amount of accuracy those people who would be affected by the problems mentioned above. Researchers can

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