Dementia Assessment Process

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The Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute has developed a program that is key in promoting early detection of dementia. The WAI-Affiliated Dementia Diagnostic Clinic Networks give individuals an opportunity for memory screening through a memory clinic setting. The process of setting up such a system is very extensive and needs an abundance of support from local health care systems. Once the support systems are on board, an interdisciplinary team needs to be established and the appropriate staffing roles are filled. The staffing team and their collaboration play a very important part in running a successful memory clinic and detecting early dementia. There are very strict guidelines that each care clinic must follow. The clinic must offer the support…show more content…
Their concerns can lead to other health problems if not identified, making them more susceptible to developing anxiety and depression. Early detection can also prepare the dementia sufferer and their families, allowing them to make many important decisions for the future and prepare for the long road ahead. I hope to see more and more states serving their population with these valuable early detection clinics.

The following steps of the overall dementia assessment process are as follows:

Patient and family caregiver will receive a letter and patient history form.
Contact patient, caregiver, or family one week prior to their scheduled appointment. Letter will serve as a reminder, purpose of visit, contents of visits, and special concerns
First Initial visit (last approximately two hours) 1st Hour- consist of family interview, cognitive testing, and team meeting

2nd Hour- consist of history and physical, family conference, and plan for care

4. 4. Second
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There will be various members of the medical field that will comprise a team that will provide services and support for the client, family, or caregiver. Those members would be physicians, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists. The mission of this team is to promote early diagnosis, treatment, and support for family and caregivers.

The actual evaluation is conducted by a qualified physician or neuropsychologist.

After reading this week’s material, understanding the dementia diagnostic process is definitely clearer. WAI- Affiliated Dementia Diagnostic Clinic Network is an enormous asset to individuals facing the battles of dementia, their families, and caregivers. With their multidisciplinary methods, it ensures a thorough examination, testing, and an accurate diagnosis. This proper diagnosis can ensure the patient, family members, and caregivers receive the proper education to face the disease head
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