Is Social Networking Beneficial to People?

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Is social networking beneficial to people? That is the question that is asked frequently today. Everything has two faces. Social networking is harmful than beneficial for the society. According to Paul Booth an assistant professor of media and cinema, social media certainly affects the way we engage with one another across all venues and ages. He says that “70% of people shift in the way we communicate rather than face to face interaction, we are tending to prefer mediated communication. We rather e-mail than meet, text than talk on the phone. Social media effect on our ability to interact and communicate is visible throughout all areas of society. It has effects in causing depression, Photo-taking eating disorder and online offline connections. In fact, not only does Facebook cause depression, it also causes what’s known as the fear of missing out. This because of the feelings of inadequacy that someone experiences when they see some people of their social circles posting photos of the enjoyments like fabulous vacations, expensive things they buy and even charming children. Feelings of jealousy and anger often observing the positive things in others’ lives. While this looks so sample happens to be very small, there have been numerous other things that prove the same phenomenon. Today many people say Facebook causes more depression he or she becomes. In University of Michigan they have done a research among some people who use Facebook where researchers observed 82
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