Is Television Our Utopia? Essay

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Television is a technological advancement that is contributing to our idea of utopia. Peoples “Utopia” means that everything is perfect. Television plays a big impact to this view. Mitchell Stephens lets readers know that, “Since the first television was successfully demonstrated in 1927…” it gave people a little glimpse as to what could possibly happen next. Now, in 2014 it lets everyone have anything from news to entertainment in the palm of their hands. Before the invention of the television everyone had newspapers and magazines to do that. Since 1927, people have had the idea that the television invention was the new “Utopia”. We now have anything available whenever, wherever, advertisements, positive effects, and emergency news …show more content…

Nixon, the Republican's nominee.” This broadcast was gave viewers a better idea and understandment of the opinions being transmitted. Now a day’s advertisement is a normal thing on T.V. It’s normal to see others on the screen trying to sell you an idea or object and accomplish it. “The television advertisement first broadcasted on 1st July, 1941 in New York. The advertisement was for Bulova Watch for 20 seconds.” This impacted the whole nation! Now advertisements take a huge role in television. Television has advanced technology wise, advertising contributes to this advancement. Our perfect view of television started there. We now had an idea of what other people where buying and decided to follow along. Advertisement has helped shaped our utopian views. Our perfect views of television were also shaped by the positive affects it had on children and adults as well. Televisions were a huge hit since they first came out. “The number of television sets in the United Sates rose from 6,000 in 1946 to some 12 million by 1951.” Proven by Grolier Encyclopedia. It’s incredible how in a few years the television investment went up in millions. It’s not hard to come up with the prediction that there could now be more television sets than people on Earth! Adults are buying televisions because of all the positive things it brings. Children can exercise and learn from it. Shows are now educational and help children develop skills

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