Is The College Admissions Standards? Essay

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It’s Hard to be Accepted The college admissions standards in America today are more rigorous and in depth than they have ever been but can also be somewhat unfair. The process of applying can be quite stressful for students and parents alike as they try to successfully weave their way through an expansive application that includes everything from essays to transcripts and so much more. And while the feeling of being accepted leads to true exuberance because of all that hard work (as I can personally attest to), the feeling of being denied can rival it in intensity without a doubt (as I unfortunately can also confirm). As college becomes more and more encouraged in high schools across the nation, and as the number of college applicants continues to grow there will continue to be more of those students who are not accepted to a certain school, granted there is a place for everyone. But this phenomenon brings up a simple question; why? Students are left to ponder why they didn’t receive admission in many cases, as no college that I know of gives an actual reason as to why acceptance was granted or denied. Luckily we do have some information supplied by schools and other various sources on what factors are the most important to schools. While we may not like all of what we find when taking a closer look, it is still interesting nonetheless. Let us first take a look at what students must go through to give themselves a chance to meet the admissions standards at
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