Is The Giver A Dystopian Society

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Love - an intense feeling of deep affection. As I began to think, is the giver a dystopian or utopian society, I immediately jumped to the conclusion. The giver is obviously a dystopian society, they have absolutely no rights whatsoever. But then I began to think, how I was going to fight for it. This was a bit more of a challenge to answer, because this community really shows all the characteristics of a utopian society. However, my heart really tells me that I could never fight for something that is 100% against any value I have. So this is why I will be fighting for the dystopian side.... The giver is a great novel, but the giver is not a society that someone would want to live upon. Even better yet, make anyone live in. Not even …show more content…

This clearly shows Jonas is a bit worried about his job selection. These people don’t get to choose their jobs, which in turn allows them literally no freedom. This means they don’t get to choose anything that life has to offer. Whether this be choosing their meal or what kind of object they want to ride to work on. Not only do they not get a choice about major things like those, they also don’t get to choose their opinions. Nobody tells the general people about the kind of life they are living, so they don’t have any opportunity to rebel or fight back. Their decisions are left in the hands of others. Just think if you were in this world and it was like this for you. How would you feel? The community is a dystopian society is because the people have no life worth. We are humans. Our mind is meant to innovate, create, and explore, none of which they have in this world. As stated above they are basically human robots. They do what they are told everyday and that is it. They let someone else control them and don’t even see the opportunity. Words pulled directly from Jonas when he is speaking to The Giver, “‘If everything’s the same, then there aren’t any choices. I want to wake up in the morning and decide things!’” (97). This quote really shows the depth in which Jonas wants to make things and choose what he wants to do. Nobody in that world has the opportunity to build, or even try something new. It is all so limited, or not even present.

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