Is There A Sociology Of Love?

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Topic: Can There Be A Sociology Of Love?

The word love has different meanings depending on what context it is used in, sometimes it means having deep affection towards someone or something, love for but here I am going to try and answer the question, “Is there a sociology of love?”. In my essay I am going to discuss a sociology of love referring to the article of the study conducted by Gabb and Fink, in which they use multiple research methods relationships behaviours and personal lives. They have provided a detailed description of how the couples tailor their relationships, including the emotions invested in their relationships. Each couple dealing with their love relationships in a different their way. The study looked at different …show more content…

They are a continuous commitment which rely on constant maintenance, nurturing and assurances from each participant. Love relationship practices and investments are configured in experiences are shared in the past, present and in the future.

The functionalist’s perspective does not pay attention on agency, it covers macro social analysis. It does not take into consideration the individual’s feelings, it just assumes that lovers settle and fit in their positions as expected in the societal norms.

Sociological perspectives explains love relationships as not perfect but a working progress. A commitment which relies on continuous maintenance and reassurance. Love relationship practices and investments are configured in experiences that will be shared in the past, present and in the future.

Symbolic interactionist’s Conflict sociological perspective is a micro level of analysis, it explains individual aspects broadly, it is concerned with interactions in small groups. It suggests that couples’ behaviours are shaped by the way they interact with each other. They develop their self-concept by looking at how they are seen by society and making reflections on themselves.

Symbolic interactionist is a micro level of social analysis, it is concerned with individual experiences and the wider society. As well as not focusing on the core structures or support the general theory of society like the functionalist does.

The patterns, behaviours and interactions of

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